Our client asked us to fully redesign and renovate a 74 sqm traditional old Budapest apartment into 2 fully separate studio units ready for welcoming guests.

Our designers redesigned the floor plans and decided on a concept.

We created 2 separate units, 2 bathrooms and 2 kitchens.

We had to completely reinvent the space for its new purpose.

We created one bedroom corner with a drywall. A window to let the light in and a mezzanine bed on top of a brand-new bathroom.


Full renovation


3,5 Months


Blaha Lujza tér


The property was in a poor condition. The electric system was outdated and dangerous. The heating system consisted of and old electrical central heating. The wooden floor was rundown. The noise isolation was inefficient.


This project put our team to the test with its technical difficulties but we were able to successfully create the two studios within the given time frame.


Keeping our client’s vision of a modern yet traditional design at the full front of our project. The stunning result was accomplished by following the plans and designs created prior to commencing the work, creating two functional studio apartments.


Our client was satisfied with our work and could launch his 2 guest houses right after we finished the on-site job and start making a return on his investment. All in all, this was a highly efficient project for our team, where we could showcase the full extent of our abilities. We are looking forward to working on other guest houses projects.

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